10.20.2011 You can collect moments in the phylogon engine like you make albums of images in iPhoto. Folders contain the peak experiences of your life, moments of historical importance, moments from the lives of celebrities, and rare glimpses of awakeness. You search for your favorite blends of emotions on the internet and compile them into layers. Then you enter your selected composite consciousness - and not a reproduction - because by entering the phylogon you are IN the moment with all its forward possibilities. The decisions are yours to make and the responses really happen. You are free to experience this fishbowl reality. Any frequencies that would let you know something about the computer maintaining the reality are blocked. This machine can reshuffle the deck of time. With its magnificent fins it can synthesize the phylogon, insert you and perhaps pull you out when your time is done.

The programmer, standing too close to the phylogon generating fins, doesn't remember a time when he wasn't with this machine. It is in all his memories, or really those false memories that seem so real in phylogon entry. Even in his earliest childhood, he remembers learning to walk by cruising along the side of this wonderful machine. He breathes in the warm air from the fans and slumps to the ground in total bliss; finally drawing attention to himself on the security cameras. Busted.
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