10.19.2011 It is with great trepidation that our hero approaches the box marked "Phylogon Engine." He shouldn't open the box but he can't help himself. He risks losing his job or being arrested as a corporate spy; but his curiosity is too great. Something in that box, it feels to him, is vibrating reality so that he cannot help going there.

It is as if the soft hum of the machine itself draws him; as if sentient software inside knows how to direct the hardware to create waves of the perfect rhythm, the most alluring patterns thumping in his chest. He follows the good feelings, it strokes his sense of purpose, he knows that he is entering into a depth of connectedness far outside his experience.

The powder coated metal is warm to the touch. Slits on the side give him a glimpse of heat sink fins, blinking LEDs, and spinning mechanical parts. This is not an ordinary computer. Anxious to witness the novelty of this strange cube he unlocks and lifts the top. He is immediately giddy. A rush of correctness. He feels his curiosity has been justified. A strong déjà vu that lasts nearly a minute. His heart races, he breathes in sharply and breaks out into a huge grin.

He reads a label on one of the large fins - 'empathetic human resonance'- and indeed he has bonded to it. These fins must entrain wirelessly to mental images, he thinks. But then he feels the resonance aligning his brain much more deeply, to the Thalmus, and even deeper to the dream center. He is falling in love with this machine.
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