10.18.2011 Further destinations. Jet Lag. Awakening at 38,000 feet. Exotic countries. Branch offices. The programmer hasn't slowed down. He is following the data. He is meeting the employees. He is auditing the systems.

The programmer finds himself inside a machine, a corporate machine, with a lingering memory that in the past, or in a dream; some part of him has lived inside a machine before. Remembering that the best way to get out of an iterative loop is to make a jump to a new subroutine, he leaves the current dimensional plane and gains the outside perspective he needs to see in. It shows him clearly that he can program this corporate machine like any other machine. Writing the proper rules to achieve his goals seems like simple work.

He stands up from the terminal for the first time in several hours. He is intending to take a leak and get a snack. It is 2 am. By way of misdirection he walks through a security point into the company's machine room. He should have just left but he catches his eye on a strange piece of computer hardware labeled in masking tape and marker "Phylogon Engine."

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